Below are testimonials from our current and past tenants.

California Snax

California Snax.png

I needed a professional kitchen where I could prepare my raw food products. I sell my products to health food markets like Erewhon and Santa Monica’s Coopportunity. Without Chef’s Kitchen I would not be in business.

The kitchens are always clean and well equipped. The plumbing always works, the air flow is excellent and there is plenty of refrigerator and freezer space. The worktops are mostly stainless steel, the floor has sufficient floor drains, even the bathrooms are always clean. When I arrive, the floors have been mopped and when I leave, I mop the floors. I can only assume that everyone who cooks there does the same. I have found the management to be extremely responsive to correcting any problems, from a leaky faucet to a refrigerator that went bad the day I was working. I could not ask for better service.

I come from a nuclear chemistry and bacteriology background. I am also a certified food handler. I find that Chef’s Kitchens passes my highest standards. Food, bacteriology, nuclear chemistry all share the same techniques:  they all have invisible contamination. I feel comfortable trusting my business to Chef’s Kitchens.

- Emil K. Kalil, Ph.D., Owner

McCarty PhotoWorks


In my opinion, Chef's Commercial Kitchen is an amazing and unique resource for small business growth and development in Los Angeles. In every instance I've had the pleasure of working there, the facilities and equipment have been spotless and expertly maintained. The staff and clientele alike have been highly professional. I look forward to continuing a lasting working relationship.

- Brian McCarty, Owner

Moon Pillows


The importance of Chef’s Kitchens cannot be stressed enough. With the high cost of constructing, renting and maintaining a commercial kitchen, both in terms of time and capital, Chef’s Kitchens provides a vital resource to the industry. Not only are the facilities spacious and well-equipped, but the quality of its management makes it a standout organization. Management is organized, responsive and professional. Moreover, it goes above and beyond by being as supportive and flexible as possible, imparting an unexpected dose of heart. Chef’s Kitchens truly is a “culinary incubator for artisanal food” and is an absolute treasure.

- Tiffany Wu, Owner

Krazy Kitchen, Inc.


Chef’s Kitchens is an integral part of the food industry.  We, Krazy Kitchen, Inc. were looking for a commercial kitchen in Los Angeles to manufacture our product.  Chef’s Kitchen was the only viable option.  They made time available to us and are well equipped to handle any number of various products. Their standards are high which we require in our business. We would not have been able to get our business off the ground if it hadn’t been for Chef’s Kitchens. 

- Erin Rosen and Laila Bowden, Owners

What’s Cook’n ?


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all your help in providing me with incredible kitchen facilities to produce my vegetarian products. The atmosphere, the equipment and your personal dedication to each one of the chefs is beyond description. I truly believe that Chef’s Kitchens enabled me to produce incredible vegetarian products.  

I look forward to continuing my association with Chef’s Kitchens and with you. 

- Dov Gottesfeld, Owner

Westside Village Bakery


I wanted to express my appreciation for providing a much needed food preparation facility for the former 'home" chefs.  Chef's Professional Kitchen Co-op provides an array of food preparation areas that meet the need of small and large food preparers alike.  I have been able to bake a variety of cakes, brownies and scones for my on-line bakery and the Mar Vista Farmers Market at a moments notice.  I did research other kitchen facilities and did not find them to meet my cleanliness standards or my time schedule.  Chef's Professional Kitchen Co-op has met those needs in a friendly and helpful manner.

I really enjoy working at the Chef's Professional Kitchen Co-op and really appreciate your flexibility in meeting my needs.  The kitchen I use is just right and is organized to help me be more productive.  I also know, that if my business should expand, you have larger kitchens to meet the needs of my growth.

The holidays are quickly approaching and I look forward to spending more time at the Chef's Professional Kitchen Co-op.

- Patrick Walker, Owner

Crumb de la Crumb


I have used the Chef’s Kitchen for years to produce my bakery products.  After I closed my own bakery, it was difficult to find a facility that I was comfortable in. Chef’s Kitchen takes pride in its kitchens. It is clean, organized and professionally run. The tenants all know and respect each other and their property, i.e. ingredients, small equipment, packaging, etc. I can’t imagine where else I would go to make my product with the same peace of mind. 

- Susan Hecht, Owner

Country Cookie Connection


I would like to express my deep gratitude to Chef's Kitchen Coop. without this kitchen I would have no business. Due to the great cost of starting a business Chef's Kitchen has made it possible for me to bring my delicious cookie creations to Farmer's Markets. It is imperative for our community to continue to be able to produce our products in a facility that is health department approved.

I can not say enough about the personnel, always friendly, helpful and very accommodating. Chef's Commercial Kitchen is always clean and the kitchen is always ready to walk into and begin working.

Once again, I would like to express that without the use of this kitchen my small business would not be. I am very grateful to use this facility to help make the dream of my own business come true.

- Louise Moore, Owner