Hourly Private Kitchens

The majority of our kitchens are rented hourly. Hourly kitchens are completely private during your allotted time. You may break your kitchen hours into as many segments as you like, but we recommend at least 2 hours per booking. 


Includes priority in scheduling, cold and dry permanent storage. 

64+ Hours / Month
$30 / Hour
$1000 Deposit


Ideal for business just starting, or ones that require minimal food preparation. 

16 - 64 Hours / Month
$35 / Hour
$500 Deposit

Single Use

Includes cooking classes, photo and film shoots. 

1 - 12 hours
Minimum $1200, cleaning fee may apply.
$500-1000 Security Deposit

Monthly Private Kitchens

Some of our kitchens are rented exclusively for private use. Tenants have access 24/7 to their own kitchen. These kitchens are best used by an established producer, high-volume seller or caterer. Availability of private kitchens vary, so please email or call to inquire. 

Updated August, 2017

Kitchen 2:

Fully leased. 

Kitchen 3: 

Fully leased. 

Kitchen 3: 

Fully leased. 

Single Use

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance. Once you have registered with us (a $35 one time fee) you will have access to our on-going schedule and can book classes in any available time slots. You will need a $500 security deposit to book your class. Once you have paid your security deposit this will be available to use for all future classes. The cost for cooking classes is $275 for up to 4 hours. We will provide seating and all major equipment for your class. You must bring your own small equipment and knives. 


Cooking Class.png


Photo and Film Shoots can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance.  You will need a $1000 security deposit to book your shoot. If last minute filming needs to take place, we charge a $250 fee to re-arrange existing schedules for your shoot. Prices for filming are $3500 daily and can be quoted when details of the shoot are available.