Welcome to Chef’s Kitchens!

Our five private Commercial Kitchens are located on Robertson Boulevard in West Los Angeles in one large building.   This is our only facility.  While our kitchens were designed to serve as a culinary incubator for artisanal foods, they have been used in a variety of ways.  We offer chefs, cooks, caterers, restaurateurs, photographers and production crews the opportunity to have part-time commercial kitchen use.  We never close---our kitchens are available 24/7/365.  


Our kitchens have been used by Farmer’s Market product vendors, personal chefs, event and corporate caterers, chefs doing recipe testing for their new restaurants and for cooking classes--- both professional chef training as well as teaching gourmet or ethnic cooking for home.  Film shoots have included print and television.  We have had  cookies, vegan, vegetarian and organic foods, muffins, pastries and wedding cakes, tamales, specialized sauces, candy, toffee and fudge, fresh baby food, salsas, sushi, soups, ice cream, fresh fruit paletas, and even flavored popcorn produced in our kitchens!  

Because of the enormous amount of time as well as huge expense involved in building a commercial kitchen, it has become almost untenable for a small food business to get off the ground. Chef’s Kitchens is the perfect solution!  We are “the original culinary incubator” and were founded in 1984. We have had many successful food companies develop from our kitchens and sell their products to Farmers Markets, Whole Foods, Gelsons,  Costco, Neiman-Marcus, and Trader Joe’s, to name just a few.


Looking to start start your new business, or join a culinary incubator to make your existing one prosper? 


We have one exclusive-use monthly kitchen available, Kitchen 2. Pricing information available here.

For shared full-time or part-time kitchens, we are currently booked, estimated availability is 4-6 months.

Based on demand, our five kitchens fluctuate from hourly to exclusive kitchen rentals. As tenant’s businesses flourish they require more hours and eventually take over an entire kitchen. When multiple tenants take over entire kitchens there is less room for hourly rentals. Occasionally a single tenant can take multiple kitchens!

We like to think about our kitchens as incubator space, and work with you as long as our facilities are suitable for your needs. That being said, we’ve had over a hundred companies outgrow and graduate from our facilities. You most likely have had products from companies that have started in our kitchens.