Kitchen 2 is currently available for exclusive monthly rental as of 9/1/2019. Please see price list for more information.

We have a 4-6 month wait list for hourly shared or part-time kitchens.

You may fill out the application below and we can contact you if there is an opening.

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Are you looking for an exclusive-use, full-time or part-time kitchen? Exclusive-use is your own kitchen rented monthly. Full-time and part-time are shared kitchens you have designated hours in.
If applying for a shared kitchen only. Monthly kitchens are yours exclusively.
We currently have one full-time monthly kitchen available 9/1/2019. Our current waiting list is 4-6 months for part-time kitchens and depends on your need for a full-time or part-time kitchen.
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Please confirm you are aware we have a 4-6 month waiting list if you are applying for a part-time kitchen.