Full-Time Chefs have Scheduling Priority

While we will do everything possible to accommodate the needs of all chefs that use Chefs Kitchens, we do give kitchen scheduling priority to full-time chefs---i.e. Chefs who use our kitchens 64 or more hours per month.  Because full-time co-op members use on-going larger blocks of time it is sometimes necessary to make adjustments for this.  Occasionally, this will mean asking part-time chefs to change their hours when new full-time chefs begin.  When these adjustments are made we work diligently to find other kitchen hours to accommodate your needs.

Kitchen 1 - All-Purpose Use

Availability for Kitchen #1 is shown below. "Busy" means another tenant is using the kitchen. Unscheduled slots which have no events over them may be scheduled. Schedule subject to change, please contact Sarah, the manager, to schedule times or verify availability. You can schedule kitchen time 24/7. View photos of Kitchen 1 here

Kitchen 2 - All-Purpose Use

Kitchen 2 is currently fully rented. 

Kitchen 3 - Baking 

Kitchen 3 is currently fully rented. 

Kitchen 4 - All-Purpose Use

Kitchen 4 is currently fully rented. 

Kitchen 5 - Dry Foods

Kitchen 5 is currently fully rented.