Please be as respectful and careful of our equipment and facility as you would want your own things to be care for.

Basic Kitchen Guidelines

  1. You are welcome to use any of the Co-op equipment within the building premises as long as it is returned clean and in the same condition you found it.
  2. If you damage any equipment you will be responsible for replacing it. Accidents do happen, please have the integrity to let us know immediately.
  3. An immaculately clean kitchen is what we all aspire to. Please make sure that all surfaces, including floors that you use are left spotless when you leave. You are responsible for supplying your own cleaning equipment, trash bags, soaps, and cleaning supplies. Please let us know, when you arrive, if there is any sanitation problem.
  4. Dishes & equipment must be returned to their original places when you leave.
  5. All on-going Co-op members must be Licensed Food Handlers and must display their license in the kitchen.
  6. All boxes must be broken down flat and placed in outside garbage bin for collection. All other trash must be bagged and also placed outside in bin.
  7. Please let us know immediately if there is a problem with any aspect of the facility so we can try to rectify the problem as soon as possible. This includes kitchen equipment, refrigeration, sinks, stoves, plumbing, bathrooms, garbage collection, electrical, etc.
  8. One-month advance written notification is required by all Co-op Members to terminate kitchen rental. Last month’s rent will be forfeited if written notice is not received.
  9. Repeated (3) violations of Health Department Codes may result in revocation of your kitchen usage privileges, and cancellation of your lease.


Once you have booked kitchen time you are responsible for paying for those hours.  While we understand that things come up, we have committed those kitchen hours to you and expect you to follow through with your financial commitment to Chef’s Kitchens.


  • Once you have set kitchen hours those are your hours, and we will not give them away. 
  • If you go on vacation you must pay for those hours if you wish to keep them when you come back. (If you think of it like an apartment, you would always pay your monthly rental fee even if you went on vacation, knowing that it will be there for you when you return). 
  • If you do not care if you maintain the same hours when you return then we require one month’s written notification and will release your set-times.