The Original Five Commercial Kitchens for Rent. Established 1984.
Office: (310) 837-8900
Chef's Commercial Kitchen Co-op
A Culinary Incubator for Artisanal Food. Small Private and Shared Commercial Kitchens.
For Caterers   

Our apologies to you if you are a Party or Event Caterer because we cannot offer you space at Chef’s Kitchens. 


Chef’s Kitchens works on Set Schedules for most of our Chefs, and therefore cannot accommodate Party and Event Caterers.  Our kitchens are heavily booked with Chefs who use the kitchens at the same time every week, so the kitchens may not be available when a caterer needs it for an event.  Additionally, our refrigeration and freezer space is allotted to each individual business working at Chef’s Kitchens and the remaining available refrigeration may not be enough for a large event.


The only kind of catering that works in our kitchens is Set Schedule catering, such as daily meal delivery.